Mills Lane

This autograph was obtained from former boxing referee and Nevada circuit court judge Mills Lane.

Missy Hyatt

I first met “The Walking Riot” Missy Hyatt at the 1986 Wrestling Fans International Association convention in 1986 in Houston, Texas. This autograph was obtained decades later at an autograph signing.

Misty James

I met indy wrestling champion Misty James at the 2014 Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in Las Vegas. She is such a sweetheart; a very nice young lady.

Morganna The Kissing Bandit

In the 1980s, if you watched professional baseball, you would probably see Morganna The Kissing Bandit run out on the field to kiss a player or two. Actually, she did that act from 1969-1999. She was a riot. I received this autograph in the late 90s in response to a fan letter I sent. I […]

Mr. Wrestling #2

This autographed photo of pro wrestling legend Mr. Wrestling #2 was signed at a fan fest in Charlotte and obtained from the promoter.

Navajo Warrior

This autograph from indy wrestling star Navajo Warrior was obtained at a show we worked together in 2001.

Nick Bockwinkel

Nick Bockwinkel was always one of my favorite professional wrestlers. He dispelled the myth of the “dumb jock” style of wrestler with his excellent verbal skills. He was also smooth as silk in the ring. The top autograph is on a trading card that I sent to Nick in 1998. The second autograph was one […]

Nikolai Volkoff

This photo of former WWF(E) Tag Champ, Nikolai Volkoff, was sent to me as a gift by my friend Georgiann Makropoulos.

Ox Baker

Douglas “Ox” Baker, pro wrestling star and master of the “Heart Punch.” I obtained this autograph in a trade with another autograph collector.  

Pat Patterson

This trading card was autographed by Mr. Patterson – the first WWF (WWE) Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion – in the late 90s. I don’t have the address used anymore.