Ralph Emery

I obtained these autographs from Ralph Emery in 2003. I sent a card and a letter to him. He signed my card and included one of his own. I used to love his country music TV shows, especially “Nashville Now” on TNN. Here’s the address I used: Ralph Emery 6528 Radcliff Drive Nashville, TN 37221

Rush Limbaugh

I used to listen to the “Rush Limbaugh Show” on a daily basis in the 90s. It was always fun to get my “daily dose” from the “Doctor of Democracy.” I had heard that he didn’t really sign autographs, but I sent a fan letter just in case and was thrilled to get this 8×10 […]

Walter Cronkite

If you’re over the age of 40, you remember Walter Cronkite and the CBS Evening News. His distinctive voice and mannerisms will live forever in TV history. I wrote to Mr. Cronkite in the late 1990s and received this 8×10 signed photo by return mail. Unfortunately, by the heavy ink start and stop marks, I […]