Welcome To My World


My name is Tim Hicks and I built this website to showcase one of my favorite hobbies: celebrity autograph collecting.

I have been collecting autographs since the early 1980s when I would go to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling events and chase the wrestlers around with slips of paper, a ticket stub, or whatever else I could find.

Since then, I have put together a collection of over 400 autographs from all fields of endeavor including entertainment, sports, politics, and pretty much everything in between.

Some of my autographs are gathered in person while others are obtained through the mail. Still others are purchased from reputable autograph dealers. Buying autographs is usually my last resort when all of my other options have failed.

On this site, I will share my collection with you via scans and stories. If an autograph was obtained via the mail, I will tell you the address I used (if it is still viable) and approximately how long it took to get it. I will also share the tips and tricks I have learned in obtaining celebrity autographs over the past thirty plus years.

I hope you enjoy the site. Please be sure to leave me feedback and let me know what you like and what you don’t.